Teesnap, a cloud based Golf Course Management Ecosystem

There are a lot of buzzwords that get thrown around these days without a whole lot of explanation as to what they actually mean.   The cloud” is one of those terms you’ve definitely heard (unless you’re still using dial-up, or live in a van down by the river). So what exactly is the cloud and where the hell is it? Simply put, the cloud refers to software and technology services that are based online as opposed to locally on your computer. They have a physical location in that they are stored in servers, and can be pushed around the world to wherever you need it to be. That means any information you save (in the cloud) will be available anywhere you can access the internet. No more dealing with files left at home or hauling around those easy to lose usb flash drives. Now let’s turn to Teesnap. Teesnap is a cloud based (there’s that fancy term again) Golf Course Management Ecosystem. Our solution enables you to run your entire course through an app on the iPad. We p


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